Immediate Nonsense

Immediate Nonsense 2005 - 2013

In 2005 most of my drawing efforts were put towards the development of The Book of Immediate Nonsense and discovering an individual approach to visual narrative. I regarded these drawings as an unmasking of illustration and its relationship to sequential storytelling - separating the picture from any overbearing text or reading devices. This form of drawing / illustrating has changed my entire outlook on image-making: through humour and stylisation, the abstract picture has become personalised and particular. 

Immediate Nonsense is an electronic flipbook / screenzine of ridiculous, yet unassuming, and off-beat stories about life and death, outlandish characters, contemporary fables, natural disasters, modern behaviour, and visual discovery.

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Lovemaking the lunch (Michael Taylor 2013, Immediate Nonsense No.11)
Lovemaking the lunch (2013, Immediate Nonsense No.11)